Why I'm here.

I'm a white woman from the suburbs of Minneapolis, living in Philly for nearly four years now. I'll never fully understand what my black friends experience in their day-to-day lives in America, so the next best thing I can try to do is listen, show up for them, and try to bring as many people with me along the way - especially those holding white privilege. I've seen so many amazing resources and pieces of art shared in the past few days by my black friends and community members that have been fighting this fight their entire lives, so I wanted to create a space where it can be pulled together. Thank you for sharing these resources so that I, and other white people can begin to understand. My hope is that those who are feeling uneasy about showing up on the frontlines can use this information to prepare and feel confident about showing up. On the other hand, I want people to know that protesting is not the only way to show up for those they care about - there is much to be done off the streets too. A large part of that is understanding your community, its history, the role you play in it, and how you can be the best non-racist version of yourself. The Philadelphia Police Department has a long history of police brutality and anti-black practices. By no means is this all encompassing, but I leave you with a few stories and a lookback on our history.


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